7 Common myths about solar

1. Solar is too expensive. 

Many people around the globe believe that solar is too expensive. The main reason would be the advanced appearance of it. But to be true, is not that expensive after all, even though  the cost of installment is relatively high (which is the  down side of it)  the cost of installment can be covered up by savings on electricity bills.This is because the efficiency of electricity is very high compared to other electrical energy suppliers ,so the possibility for wastage of electricity due to sound and heat is very low so the bills are at least 95 percent accurate for the electricity consumption of the consumers. For example if you consider hydro power stations even though their electrical output is high the suitability for houses and apartments is not practical.Wind power stations also generate high amounts of electricity, but the location and geographical factors include large land area,which makes it in ideal . So you can see that solar panels are the most ideal for today’s homes and apartments.

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2. Solar panels don’t  work when it’s cloudy.

As you understand by the name solar, it doesn’t mean that it requires the whole of the  sun’s  rays falling on it. Small photovoltaic (PV) cells absorb even the smallest amount of light radiating from the sun. Even on a cloudy day, the environment won’t go pitch black will it? So these cells absorb the optimum light in order to supply electricity on cloudy days so making sure that the  optimum amount of heat is supplied. Here optimum means that the panels would obtain the light 25% less than it was on a sunny day,which would be 95%. Which means that it still works according to external environmental factors.

3. Environmentalists believe solar panels pollute the environment.

Solar panels are built in order to reach a maximum lifetime of 25 years. After this, you will not need to throw it away, Most modern solar panels are recyclable and you only need to contact one of solar panel recycling companies and you’ll also get a money back for your panels too. 

4. Why use solar when we have fossil fuels and nuclear power

Solar power consider clean energy since it’s zero percentage waste. On the other hand fossils fuels produces carbon dioxide and other toxic greenhouse gases.  Nuclear fuels are effective than solar energy, but those produce toxic radioactive which are persistent on the environment and  hazardous  to life on earth. 

5. If I don’t use my solar power during the day it gets wasted

Most power companies buy back excess solar generated by your home solar system. Excess energy will be push back to your grid and it’ll rotate back your power meter allowing you to receive a credit. Solar buy back is depend on where you live, some older suburbs have limited energy capacity on the transformers where energy companies  cannot receive your excess energy. We recommend you use solar batteries in this type of situation where batteries store the excess energy and use it when you need it.  

6. Solar panels will cause damage to my roof

This is quite a common myth among people that solar panels can damage your rooftops. Since they are mounted on top of the but not attached to it. There is about a 5cm to 10cm gap between the roof and the panels. This proves that the roof is not damaged by solar. The gap is covered by a sealant to prevent unbalance of the panels. The metal mounts are coated with a special metallic paint to prevent rusting of the metal also metal flashing is supported to re radiate heat. But you must make sure that before fitting solar panels your roof is not damaged. Hence solar panels preserve and protect roofs by increasing their durability as they are protected by sunlight and rain. So fitting solar panels on your roof doesn’t damage your roof but increases its lifetime.

7. Solar panels need lot of maintenance & care 

 This is not true at all. Solar panels need minimum maintenance, but occasional dusting or cleaning to remove any dirt, grit or bird dropping. We recommend you to check solar panels at least twice a year for any surface damages and this can be done by professional electrician.   

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