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Renewable solar - Kalkallo

As one of the leading solar power companies in Kalkallo, Renewable Solar has had the privilege of providing solar power system installations across all of Melbourne and Victoria.

Our solar company has installed solar power systems on houses, businesses and commercial buildings.

Renewable Solar takes pride in being one of the leading solar power companies in Kalkallo.

We don’t just sell solar power systems in Kalkallo, we take the time to listen, allowing us to provide the exact requirements for each individual Kalkallo solar customer.

We install the correct design, whether for residential properties or commercial solar power applications.


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Install the solar system and enjoy the benefits of energy savings

Renewable Solar is committed to supplying the highest quality inverters and solar power panels for each customer’s needs.  This provides the most efficient working solar power systems around Kalkallo and Melbourne.

We are not just solar power company; we are partnership with Changing Roofs – one of the leading roofing contractors in Melbourne to provide the best after care service for our customers.  All our installations are backed by Changing Roofs roof care warranty. This ensures our solar power installations adhere to all roofing materials requirements and provide our customers with confidence that their solar power panels are installed avoiding any damage to their existing roof.

This is what makes us one of the most respected solar power companies in Kalkallo and Melbourne.

Renewable Solar has tailored finance solutions for our Kalkallo homeowners to small businesses to large commercial enterprises.

All our solar power systems products are recommended by the Clean Energy Council of Australia.  The Clean Energy Council of Australia has done extensive testing on products it recommends to the strictest guidelines.  Renewable Solar uses these products to provide the best and most efficient outcomes for Australian environmental conditions.

All our solar power systems and designs and installed by Clean Energy Council of Australia accredited installers.

Why we think it's our responsibility to go green

Renewable Solar aims to be one of the leading solar power companies in Kalkallo.

As a Kalkallo solar power company we derive clean pure energy from the sun.  Installing solar power panels on your home helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuel.

Traditionally electricity is sourced from fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas.  Renewable energy has a positive impact on our environment and also improves public health.

A 5kw solar power system installed on residential home will prevent 7 tonnes of carbon dioxide being emitted into our atmosphere per annum.  That is equivalent to planting 395 trees.


So you are not only saving money on your utility bills, you’re contributing to the reduction of pollution in to our environment.

If you are looking for one of the reliable solar power companies in Kalkallo, don’t hesitate to call Renewable Solar.  We will provide a solar power energy solution and installation throughout Melbourne and Victoria.  Call 1300 310 073 for an obligations free quote or site assessment.  It costs you nothing to speak to one of our local solar power energy specialists.

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