Are your solar dirty and dusty and not producing energy as it used to ?

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The professionals & the cheapest solar panel cleaning Melbourne

We understand that solar panels are a big investment and you want it to perform and produce at it peak to generate savings that you would’ve expected when you installed them.

But over time due to different factors solar panels get dirty and dusty and will not perform and produce the energy as it normally would. 

Mould, bacteria, soil, dust, pollen and birds droppings could make them dirty and reduce the performance.  So you’ll need to check your solar panels regularly and clean by professional solar panel cleaning company in Melbourne

solar panel cleaning

Why you need to use professionals for solar panel cleaning Melbourne

Solar panels cost a fortune and they are fragile and they can get damaged quickly. This could leave you to replace the damage panels or parts and will cost you some money. Highly trained and skilled solar panel cleaner will eliminate the damage. 

solar cleaning

Tap water and other chemicals can leave spots and residue that can accumulate dirt over time. Not only professional solar panel cleaner remove them, they will have look for any defects or potential fire safety issues, cracks, hot spots like birds nets, rats and possums. Also issues like crazing (ie. webs of small cracks) and de-lamination (ie. peeling off laminate layer) can be identified. 

Jumping on your roof for solar panel cleaning without the right safety equipment is dangerous and you putting yourself on risk of potential injuries. 

Why renewable solar for your solar panel cleaning in Melbourne?

We are not only a solar panel cleaning company, we are one of the leading solar panel installers in Melbourne.  We know in and out of solar panels and unlike the other solar panel cleaning companies in Melbourne, we make sure your solar panels won’t get damaged during the cleaning process. We serve commercial as well as residential solar panel cleaning Melbourne. 

We use industry standard safety equipment’s and all our work are covered with insurance. We will remove all the soling and other dirt’s on the panels as well as on the frames make them look brand new. We use 100% filtered de-ionised water and we guarantee spot free and no residue will be left on the panels. 

Get in touch with us for an obligation free solar panel cleaning Melbourne quote and let us help maximize your saving on your valuable solar panel investment.