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The cheapest solar panel quotes Melbourne

Are you looking for cheapest solar panel quotes in Melbourne?  We Renewable solar is one of the leading solar retailers in Melbourne. We’ve been in the industry for many years and been helping our customers towards getting solar panel quotes and helping them save thousands of dollars. 

We are specialize in solar system installation and design grid connected solar systems for residential and commercial properties. 


Why renewable solar for your solar panel quotes ?

Solar power is the most abundant renewable energy resource we have available on earth. Victorian government as well as the federal government has put in place different solar rebate schemes towards your solar panel installation. Our solar panel quotes are included of all the rebates that you’re eligible for (read more about solar rebate Victoria).

Our solar panel quotes are not only the cheapest in Melbourne, they are comprehensive reports about your savings. Our solar panel quotes show your return on investment, first year of savings, average yearly saving as well as total saving over the 25 years period.

To provide you the best solar panel quotes, we are collaborated with all the leading solar panel and solar inverter manufacturers, and we guarantee our solar panel quotes included the best quality products in the market. All the solar products come with manufacturer warranty and that’s indicated in all our solar panel quotes.

What to look for in solar panel quotes

Renewable Solar, solar installers are CEC licenced electricians and all our installations covered with 5 years workmanship warranty and that’s indicated on all our solar panel quotes. Our sales staff not only provide you with solar panel quotes, they are highly trained and prepared to answer any question that you have about your solar panel quotes.

When we provide you with the solar panel quotes, we will recommend you the best solar solution for you and best possible savings for you.



Our solar panel quotes are valid for 14 days and you can pay 50% when you accept the solar panel quotes and the rest after the installation. We also provide finance option for solar panel quotes, get in touch with us for more information.

Victorian government also provide finance option towards your solar panel quotes, more information about Victorian government solar loan, please visit solar Victoria website.

We believe there is no better time than this to install solar in Melbourne (more reads why this the best time to install solar) and we guarantee we can beat any solar panel quotes and provide you the cheapest and the best quality solar panel quotes in the market.

Get in early, get a free obligation free solar panel quotes from us and enjoy great savings.!!

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