We are Australian owned and operated solar retailer

Renewable Solar Pty Ltd is one of the leading solar companies in Melbourne and committed to minimise solar energy cost for our customers and maximise green energy consumption in Australia. We are specialise in solar system installation and design grid connected solar systems for residential and commercial property owners. Our motto is giving a cost effective grid system to our valued customers whilst protecting our planet. We deliver efficient and effective results to our valued customers whilst maintaining high quality standards of our workmanship. We work very closely with our suppliers to achieve cost effectiveness and provide a competitive price to our customers.     

Company mission

Renewable Solar is passionate about engaging the best minds and people who can thrive in our team and empower our Renewable Solar community. Renewable Solar understands the challenges our environment is facing now and in the future.

In Australia if the average house installed a 6.6 kw solar system it would save ten tonnes of carbon per year. That equates to a staggering ten return trip from New York to Paris. If every home installed Solar imagine the steps taken to a better earth.

 If we can change the way the world is powered and provide a platform and solution to make solar the most compelling choice for our customers. You will save money but if we can inspire change and facilitate discussion and solutions for people around the world. Then we feel Renewable Solar is a valuable part of the global community. After all we in this all together!

Why choose us

As a leading solar companies in Melbourne, our dedication is to give our customers the best service, the best quality products for the cheapest possible price.