Product & Workmanship Warranty

Renewable Solar 5-year workmanship warranty


This warranty applies to all customers named in the solar system installation agreement, entered with Renewable Solar on the date of completion.


Our workmanship warranty covers any defects that may arise from the workmanship installing your solar panels, solar inverter and solar battery/batteries at the address specified on the agreement.


For all work, except the installation of a switchboard, the workmanship warranty period is 5 years from the date of completion of the installation.


What’s included in the workmanship warranty?

We warrant that the design, assembly, and installation are all done by a licensed electrician in compliance with Australian law.

Renewable Solar guarantee to rectify any defects related to installation if required and to repair any damage caused by out contractors during the installation process.


What are the exclusions of workmanship warranty?

Solar panels, solar panel performance, inverters & batteries.

These are covered by applicable manufacturers warranties.  In all cases, these warranties exceed the 5-year workmanship warranty.


The above warranties are included in your solar system purchase.  Product warranties protect you against faulty components, whereas workmanship warranties protect you against labour related defects, eg: issues relating to the installation process.  In the instance our assessment reveals the fault is not part of the workmanship warranty you may be liable for the cost of call out.


These are exclusions of your workmanship warranty:

  • Improper use of the solar system
  • Failure to comply with manufacturer’s instructions
  • Work on the system, this includes, modifying, moving any parts on the system, performed by any other than us or our installer
  • You have not adhered to maintenance requirements set out in the installer welcome pack. This welcome pack to provided on completion of installation
  • Any act omission, misuse, abuse, or damage, whether willful, accidental, or negligent caused by customer or a third party other than Renewable Solar and our installers
  • Any extreme weather or external factors not for the location in which the system was installed, e.g.: flooding, lightning strike, hail, pest damage, fallen debris, building movement
  • Interference from other devises
  • General wear and tear
  • Events caused by electrical distributor or operator
  • A failure to promptly notify Renewal Solar of any defects
  • Your required to check your system is working properly
  • Any works or parts which were not part of the installation agreement
  • Servicing your system regularly as recommended by the AS/NZS standards, our workmanship warranty covers your whole installation for up to 5 years.


How to claim under this workmanship warranty:

You must provide all reasonable assistance to Renewable Solar to assist us in diagnosing and fixing any defects over the phone.  If this isn’t adhered to, costs may be charged and not covered by our workmanship warranty.

In the case our workmanship warranty applies, Renewable Solar will either, at its discretion and cost, redo or repair the installation or replace any faulty part with a comparable new or refurbished part so that the installation is no longer defective.


How Renewable Solar processes claims:

  1. Contact will be made following your claim submission.
  2. The issue will be discussed in detail and identified as to whether this is part of the workmanship warranty.
  3. Request for recent photos and information to help diagnose the issue
  4. A qualified technician will be sent out to inspect or repair the issue