Why we joined forces with Changing Roofs

Renewable solar and Changingroofs have joined forces. Let us take care of your solar installation. Our service will provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your roof and solar installation is in good hands. Let Renewable Solar and Changingroofs give you a turnkey solution to your house, factory or investment property in the future taking the worry out of the equation.

The reason Changingroofs and Renewable Solar decided on forging a relationship was because Changingroofs was being contacted by disgruntled customers who had solar installed and was left with major roof leaks or where we had restored a roof or installed a new roof and then the customer had solar installed by another solar company other than ourselves in majority of cases they had been left with a damaged roof that voided the roofing guarantee which was forwarded by Changingroofs previously. This situation become very problematic. This had left our customers in a very vulnerable position with no recourse of getting their roof fixed by the solar company because it was put in the to the too hard basket.


When installing solar on an existing roofing it is paramount to make sure the roof is in a condition which will last the period of the solar installation. What would be the point of installing solar and in 6 years’ time it needs to be removed to fix the roof to stop it from leaking. Our roofing customers would ask if we could recommend a solar company who they could trust on working on our roofs. Therefore, we came to the decision of cementing a relationship with a company who cared about their customers with the same expertise and ethics as Changingroofs and then Renewable Solar came on board. Now we have a solution which feels all our customers’ needs and prospective customers requirements.

The positive outcomes of Renewable Solar and Changingroofs working as a team providing a finished installation which provides efficient, reliable high-quality installation preserving the building’s roof plus providing the customer a concept to realisation of a finished product. This fully integrated installation and solution.